Serious Jokes??! I know, I know it’s confusing. Okay, let me explain. It is my favorite oxymoron. Do the reasons for laughing matter? Jokes are undoubtedly powerful. They have the power to make one’s ribs crack with laughter and the power to make one cry. The power to even initiate fights.  Don’t get me wrong, I like jokes. It’s only that some jokes are serious. They are serious because they make some people laugh whilst those targeted at die from the inside, perhaps even plan on getting back at those who come up with the jokes or those favored by them. These jokes are serious because they have serious consequences.  

When I say serious jokes, I mean jokes like tribalistic jokes, image/appearance related jokes, status related jokes, and religion based jokes. This kind of jokes are serious.  Why should jokes be made about how all people from a certain tribe are all: thieves, witches/sorcerers, not good looking, violent, naive…? How all people from a certain religion are: violent, pretentious, terrorists…?

I don’t need to write a book about these jokes. I’m sure you understand. These kind of jokes are incredibly powerful and serious.


Dear procrastination,

I hope you are doing great old friend. I am writing this to show my gratitude to you for being such a caring and comforting friend. You always pitied me because of how much I had to do. You were always there. Always ready to give me a hand. After all, what are friends for amigo?? I still remember our favorite quotes: “Too much of it is poisonous.” “Don’t get overworked, you need a break.” “Tomorrow is still a day.” “When is the deadline?” you would always ask while wearing that concerned face, “well…if it’s not today, then let’s hang out, friend.”  I loved you a lot for this; you always read my thoughts. No, my mind.

I know it breaks your heart; I am also sad that we have part ways for a while. No, I mean for infinity. For forever. What is life anyway? Is not about meeting and saying goodbye? I think we postponed a lot, procrastination.


Will I forget you? Definitely no. That will be betrayal after all the great lessons I got from you.

Will I miss you? I pray not.

All the best in your journey.


whyWhy is it that most of us are always waiting for approval from others on whether they are great or not? Is it really that crucial? well… I don’t think so. I actually think it is detrimental. Why not be the first one to approve that great idea you have?